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Quarter Cylinders (90 degrees)

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Part Number: 1234Q-5850-CP 
Material Type: POPLAR 
Description: QTRCYL: 12 3/4" Radius, 25 1/2" Diameter, 5/8" x 50" 
Radius: 12 3/4" 
Diameter(Width): 25 1/2" 
Thickness: 5/8" 
Length: 50" 
Pieces Per Carton:
Qty/lbs per Crate: 1/89 
Price Each: $58.00 

These 90 degree quarter cylinders are constructed of a 7 or 9 ply lay-up of hardwood poplar. They are virtually void free and are dimensionally accurate. The surface is ideal for laminating or veneering. Some surface sanding would be required along with a primer for painted application.


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