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Quarter Cylinders (90 degrees)

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Part Number: 96E-5836-CP 
Material Type: POPLAR 
Description: QTRCYL: 96" Radius, 192" Diameter, 5/8" x 36" 
Radius: 96" 
Diameter(Width): 192" 
Thickness: 5/8" 
Length: 36" 
Pieces Per Carton:
Qty/lbs per Crate: 1/82 
Oversized ?: YES
Price Each: $160.00 

These 90 degree quarter cylinders are constructed of a 7 or 9 ply lay-up of hardwood poplar. They are virtually void free and are dimensionally accurate. The surface is ideal for laminating or veneering. Some surface sanding would be required along with a primer for painted application.


This components is 'Oversized' and will not ship UPS as is because it is over the UPS size limit. We can cut these to any size required for UPS shipment. If you cannot have them cut, they will go common carrier truck using our discounted carriers or one you choose.

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